No Credit Check Financing

How would you like to sell an extra tire?  Perform a much needed repair or service?  Or sell an extra piece of matching furniture?No Credit Check Financing

  • No Credit Check on customers
  • Get paid IN ADVANCE
  • 3 months same as cash, up to 60 month payment options
  • Finance fees paid by customer
  • Up selling opportunities
  • No recourse or risk to merchant
  • Build client base and increase sales

This is for that time when your customer faces a financial predicament where stretching the payments out over a 3 to 60 month payment period becomes the key to solving your customer's concerns (for example: a pet becomes hurt or ill, or a costly dental procedure is not covered by insurance, or an unexpected car repair becomes necessary, or a home emergency or improvement occurs or the customer in the furniture store is having trouble making up his mind whereas purchasing that crucial extra item because they think they can't afford it).  Now, with our 3 to 60 month payment plan, your customer does not have to worry about an unexpected financial emergency or the additional amount of money to purchase something extra.

Forget layaway which makes you wait for your money and the customers wait for their product.  We are an immediate gratification society, we want our product and we want it NOW!  You can offer a No Credit Check finance option to your customers and get your money UP FRONT!  Provide financing to your customers that would allow them to split the purchase of your product or service into small monthly payments.  We can do this without the lengthy and arduous process of applying for credit or other financing programs.

We offer several programs that you can finance your customers regardless of their credit, which allows them to make flexible payments over a 3 to 60 month period and you get paid IN ADVANCE.  

Marketing these payment options is a big part of making them work.  These programs include a FREE 10 PAGE WEBSITE, counter top displays, brochures and banners.  Use these marketing materials and include “No Credit Check Financing" in all your advertisements and just let people know when you are talking with them that you have this option. 

When bad credit is an issue, most people assume they can’t be approved for financing so they won’t even bother to ask about it; however, if you let them know that you have these payment options and people see it in your ads, you’ll obviously get those customers you normally wouldn’t.  The more payment options you offer, the easier it is for the customer to concentrate on the real issue, and that is getting your product or service.  If you make it easy for the customer to pay you, you make it easy for them to do business with you.