Mobile Messaging and Rewards

Mobile Messaging and RewardsMobile Messaging and Rewards is an exciting, easy-to-use mobile marketing product that will dazzle your customers.  Focus on daily operations while Mobile Messaging and Mobile Rewards automatically send individualized text message gift and loyalty offers to your customers.  More connections with customers means more sales opportunities for you.

It's easy for you since Mobile Messaging and Mobile Rewards have 'Set and Forget' features that eliminate the time-consuming, daily tweaking of messages and campaigns.  We'll set up your program with you and even help you market it for more success.

It's easy for customers who simply provide their cell phone number, rewards card or text a unique code to receive valuable offers on their mobile phones.  No more paper coupons to remember to print or carry along.


  • Popular Technology, Popular Programs - Text messaging, coupons, and rewards programs are used by millions
  • Easy to Use - With 'Set and Forget' messages, your mobile marketing practically runs itself!
  • Value Added Service - An exciting, new service 'plus' for your customers
  • Build Loyalty - Contact customers with timely, text coupon offers
  • Recapture Customers - Create customized 'miss you' offers to bring customers back


Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging sends text message coupons or offers to your customers' mobile phones easily and affordably.  'Set and Forget' messages keep your business name in front of customers automatically.


  • Easy Customer Sign-up

         - Text/Terminal/Phone call/Web

  • 'Set and Forget' Messages:

         'Message of the Week'
               - 4x/month
         'Weather Trigger'
              - Hot or Cold
         'Refer a Friend'

  • 'Instant Offer' Messages

          - Customize a message & reach
            all customers instantly

  • Text to Join Code

          - Use in all your advertising

Mobile Rewards

Mobile Rewards combines our Mobile Messaging product with gift and loyalty features.  'Set and Forget' messages are sent automatically to your customers based upon visits, spending and shopping habits.  Use your credit card terminal or POS to track redemption.  Mobile Rewards can be cardless or use traditional plastic cards.


  • All Mobile Messaging Features
  • 'Set and Forget' Rewards Messages:

         'Miss You'
               - Sent 21 days after last purchase
         'Half Way There'
               - Customer reaches halfway level
         'Reward Reached'
               - Customer reaches reward level
         'Active Customers'
               - Customers who visit often

  • Mobile Messaging and Mobile Rewards Revenue Tracking

         - Easily track mobile marketing revenue

  • Consumer Balance Check

         - Consumers use their phone to check
           reward balance

Mobile Messaging and Rewards