Gift and Loyalty Cards

Give your customers the ability to turn your business into a gift.
Gift and Loyalty Cards

The Power of the Card

Sharpen your competitive edge, capture your customer’s attention and reap the benefits of continuous advertising through a card that is yours alone.  Increase your customer loyalty, retention and revenues with gift and loyalty card programs.

Benefits of Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift and loyalty cards are increasingly popular amongst consumers and merchants alike. Consumers prefer gift cards due to their flexibility and convenience, and merchants benefit from a branded marketing tool that is proven to increase customer loyalty and revenues.  We offer a variety of processing options, hundreds of customizable card designs and fonts and merchandising materials to meet the needs of every business.  Or, you can customize the look and feel of your own card with limitless design options.

The cards are backed by comprehensive card accounting and reporting functions that are the perfect fit for any retail and restaurant location or simply for those looking for a way to increase revenue and track transactions and outstanding gift certificate amounts.  Additionally, merchants guarantee the return of loyal customers with points accumulated on their loyalty cards.  It's the perfect gift/loyalty card processing option.

It's Money in the Bank!

Take advantage of the money making opportunities that gift cards provide.  Choose the program that best fits your needs and begin profiting immediately!

Gift Card Benefits

  • Allow you to make future sales but reap the rewards NOW!
  • Boosts prepaid gift sales
  • Bring new customers in that usually spend more than what is on the gift card
  • If the customer likes the experience, gift cards will produce repeat business

Loyalty Card Benefits

  • Give your customer just one more reason to do business with you over and over again!
  • Simplifies transaction and management reporting
  • Automates electronic funds transfers between stores
  • Generates brand awareness and promotional opportunities
  • Creates destination vs. impulse purchases
  • Rids merchant of paper-based fraud
  • Eliminates "cash-back"