Electronic Check Conversion and Guarantee

Electronic Check Conversion and GuaranteeNow you can eliminate going to the bank and worries about losing or having your check deposits stolen. Plus, you get rid of costly deposit item charges, bad check fees, banking time & effort, deposit ticket costs, & cash flow delays.

This option can also offer Full Check Guarantee which allows you to accept checks at your business without worry.  For a small percentage of your check (ranging anywhere from 1.00%-2.00% depending on your industry type), you can have a check guaranteed to fund, even if it bounces! 

What is an electronic check?

Tomorrow’s Technology is Here Today!

Imagine your customer handing you a check:

  • you enter the requested data into a point of sale terminal
  • you slide the check through the check scanner

Instantly, an image of the check is created and stored in the check scanner and an electronic transaction request is transmitted for approval!  A receipt is printed which the customer signs allowing for ACH funds transfer!

  • you hand the check back to your customer
  • funds are credited to your account with 24 – 48 business hours
  • "electronic" checks that bounce do not hit your account!