achXPRESS Web Based ACH Recurring Debit and Credit Platform

achXPRESS Web Based ACH Recurring Debit and Credit Platform - 30 Day GuaranteeOne-Time & Recurring Electronic Debits & Credits

This service not only enables you to process “single payments” from your customers but also “recurring payments” according to a pre-set weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly billing schedule.  Membership fees, monthly dues and many other recurring check payments can be easily processed and automatically deposited to your business account with this service in place.  Utilizing this function in your business would create better customer service, reduce billing errors and invoice costs, help you calculate revenue, and create fewer trips to the bank.  It is very easy to get started, create schedules, and check account activity online. ​

achXPRESS is a new & improved web-based ACH* processing tool designed for small and medium-sized businesses.  It facilitates the electronic transfer of an authorized payment from a consumer's checking or savings account to the business' bank account, and vice versa with the introduction of our new "electronic credit" feature.

achXPRESS allows your business to automate the collection and payment process for single and recurring transactions electronically in a safe, secure, accurate, cost efficient and timely manner.  It eliminates late payments, handling of paper, trips to the bank and offers multiple payment schedules to your customers.

achXPRESS will benefit the following companies that bill on a periodic basis: Property Management, Self Storage, Health/Fitness Clubs, Mortgage, Auto Finance, Insurance, and Collection.

Diverse Merchant Solutions - achXPRESS Process

The Recurring Debit/Credit Process:

  • The customer authorizes you in writing to debit payments from a checking or savings account and provides you with the void check/bank account information.
  • You enter the client information, transaction details, payment frequency and scheduling information in achXPRESS.
  • On the pre-determined date, depending on if you chose automatic or manual authorization, achXPRESS will submit your transaction directly for processing through the ACH system.
  • On the settlement date, your customer's account is debited or credited) and your business account is credited (or debited) for the payment.
  • The details of the transaction are reflected on your customer's monthly bank statement.


  • Fast, Easy, & Secure Web-Based Platform
  • 24/7 Online Access & Transaction Management
  • Processes Debit and Credit Transactions
  • Handles One-Time or Recurring Payments
  • Electronic Check Re-Presentment (RCK) & Tracking
  • Merchant Controlled Frequency & Timing of Payments
  • Over 10 Payment Scheduling Options (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, etc.)
  • Four Highly Customizable & Downloadable Reports
  • Unmatched Technical Training & Round-the-Clock Support
  • No Hardware/Software Requirements
  • Tracks Customer Issues & Supports Multiple Locations
  • Tiered Level Access for Multiple Users


  • Improves Cash Flow & Reduces Risk
  • 48 to 72 Hours Settlement
  • Safe, Convenient, & Accessible from Anywhere
  • Automates Future Payments & Re-Submission Process
  • No More Invoicing or Bank Trips
  • Eliminates Check Handling & Returned Item Fees
  • Increases Customer Retention
  • Saves Precious Time

achXPRESS vs. The Competition

achXPRESS has 2 unique features that help differentiate it in the marketplace:

  • One-time & Recurring Electronic Credits
  • 30 Day "Love It or Return It" Money Back Guarantee*!

*Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days or 1st Billing Invoice, Which Ever Comes First.


ACH - Automated Clearing House
NSF - Non-Sufficient Funds